About Me


Hi, I’m Manoj. Welcome to Live Bright and Healthy!

Faced with health challenges to me and my family, I had to come up with healthy recipes and tips to tackle these head on. Many of the recipes and health tips were developed not just for us but anyone with health issues from diet, allergies or food intolerance.

I don’t just cover nutrition but how food tastes and looks appetizing. From sneaking vegetables into burgers to creating vege-burgers that could fool the most die-hard of carnivores, I have all sorts of solutions right here! With years of trials in the kitchen, I have loads of recipes and tips, successes and failures to share with you.

If you are seeking lifestyle dietary changes, I dish out practical tips, information and recipes to help you eat right, live bright and healthy, hence the name of this website.

I hope you will find the contents useful and easy to implement. Do check back for updates for delectable details on video and podcast.

If you have any thoughts or comments, please drop a line. I’d  love to hear from you!

Manoj Nair